• Jaya Jha

Future Of Work : Life post the pandemic

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

While the entire world is on a halt amidst the COVID19 pandemic the future of work is being shaped by powerful forces. Will these measures help us recover back to normal or reinforce a new normal? Let’s ascertain.

What is the future of work in business dynamics ?

The future of work is an amalgamation of generating innovative ways of working, deriving new workplaces, trial and error of Artificial Intelligence in existing jobs and enriching new human capabilities and integrating them into the workforce. This is done in order to create more sustainable organisations for the future.

There is a growing focus on finding new ways of measuring employee engagement and sentiment. For e.g., employee experience, with the power of AI, as these innovations have the potential to greatly impact employee retention.

The Pre-Covid19 work scenario

The everyday hustle with traffic while commuting to work, college, school wasted much of our productive time and increased our carbon footprints with air pollution. And malls, restaurants, offices were overcrowded with people causing a lot of inconvenience.

However, the work scenario was put on a halt during lockdown as only essential services were allowed causing a heavy fall in the GDP and it is expected that the future of work post the pandemic will change holistically to reinforce a new normal,

But in achieving a new normal we may face a lot of costly challenges like:
Taking preventative measures like sanitization of the workplace, Thermal Screening of all before entering the office. Granting a minimum of 21-day paid sick leave to COVID positive employees and ensuring abundance availability of masks, gloves, cleaning supplies.
Offices may also be restructured in order to fulfill the norm social distancing which may subsequently reduce the no. of people that should be accommodated in a particular area which isn’t cost effective considering the high rent rates.

Or even with the introduction of work from home which might sound a good alternative makes the organization vulnerable to cyber-crime and it only pertains to jobs that can be performed with technological interface but in a country like India which is so geographically rich even a sudden weather change may cause a technical glitch.

Way Forward
In order to overcome these challenges now it is the time that organisations must start identifying cohesive ways to create a valuable environment for education, and continuous learning of their workforce with optimal and safe use technology as a connective tissue as it allows efficient and effective learning anytime, anywhere, and on any device we want.
Because, The art of understanding how we can build learning at the point of need into an organization's culture is the key for sustainability.

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