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This article explores the importance of DNA in sexual assault cases as the world's best crime-fighting technology and the need for it to be publicly acknowledged because DNA evidence can make or break the outcome. As it has become a routine part of investigating and prosecuting all types of crimes and achieving justice for survivors of sexual assault.
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This article explores the subtle and dynamic patterns of gender that often pervade all areas of religion, both explicitly and implicitly, either recognized fully or unacknowledged at all. Gender norms in religion are widely debated and often misunderstood but it does it imply, that religion is linked to gender? Let’s ascertain.
This article explores the importance of being empathetic and sensitive towards animals, the voiceless creatures of God on the day of Diwali, It also emphasizes on few tips that pet owners can follow to keep their pets safe.

The degree of disgrace that a woman is subjected to as a result of being associated with an abortion is insurmountable. The very thought of societal pressure causes women to turn to more unsafe and unprofessional medical procedures for getting an abortion done. This article aims to introspect the stigma that the society still holds against abortions.


“There is no freedom, no equality, no full human dignity and personhood possible for women until they assert and demand control over their own bodies and reproductive process…The right to have an abortion is a matter of individual conscience and conscious choice for the women concerned.”

-Betty Friedan, ‘Abortion: A Woman’s Civil Right’

Feminism advocates social, political, economic, and intellectual equality for women and men. It defines a political perspective; it is distinct from sex or gender.  It means very different things to different people.While the term criminality is used to refer to actual criminal characteristics of a person by manifesting  the propensity or inclination to engage in criminal acts. Do the above fall in any degree of congruency lets ascertain.
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Adultery is marital infidelity in which one partner by choice engages in an intimate relationship with someone other than their spouse. This article explores how adultery has very different consequences for men and women, and how it’s perception in the society has sexist overtones.
Future is female means uplifting women and not downgrading other sexes. For this the fight has already begun at home, classroom, playground and every other place. However, for centuries our patriarchal society has conflated sex with gender by creating a hierarchy among the sexes from a tender age, boys are disciplined to be stoic, while girls are instructed to be emotional. Let’s understand how?
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This article explores how women have traditionally been denied equal rights and opportunities in the name of culture, and how their attempts to rise above these restrictions evoke aggressive counters from the society, often aimed at their honor, virtue, and worth as women.

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