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Shweta Choudhary,

Content Writer

It is my immense pleasure to work with the brainwink team. I really appreciate the CEO and founder of brainwink, Jaya Jha, for providing me the opportunity to work as a content writer and encouraging me to explore my skills. I have gained valuable insight into the content writing field over the past few months because I got to work here on a variety of interesting projects. The team is very supportive, creative and responsive. Overall it's a great experience !!

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Saachi Rohatgi,

Content Writer

I had a wonderful time working with Brainwink. The tasks were pretty good and simple. I definitely learned a lot from the people at Brainwink. I truly enjoyed the journey and cherish very part of it. Very thankful to everyone who took me in and added onto the amazing experience that I had here. Never knew that I could come to know such beautiful souls online! Am forever gonna hold this internship close to my heart as it gave me not just experience but also friendship and bond which goes a long way in life.

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My experience with brainwink was genuinely very nice. It helped me shape my language, gave me a lot of experience and also enriched my knowledge. The brainwink team is quite flexible and always motivated me to do better. They enhanced my confidence by making me the member of the month. This pushed me to do more better. They don't burden us with a lot of work. I am so glad to be a part of brainwink. Jaya Jha mam ,the head of brainwink, is so helpful and always keep all the members of the team motivated. 

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Namrata Gupta,

Graphic Designer

I got to learn alot. I started as social media manager and ended as graphic designer. Definately, I found my interest in graphic designing and I thank brainwink to giving me the chance to try hands on graphic designing.

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Jahnvi Singh,

Content Writer

It has been a great experience so far. I've learned so many new things and look forward to more new opportunities. One thing I really like about working with brainwink is the value of punctuality. Brainwink team has been great especially during my exams. It was really flexible and didn't took a load on me.

Devansh Tiwari

Content Writer

it was really a great experience working with brain wink. The team was very coordinating and I get to learn so many new things. Brain wink, let me to aspire for change. a change which is the need of the society. The working atmosphere was very pleasant, all the team members are very coordinating especially Jaya.

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Arya Chauhan,

Graphic Designer

This programme is excellent.

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Shashwat Agrawal,

Content Writer

Very well, great experience. I learnt a lot during my tenure, I thank firmly.

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Bhumika Naraina,

Content Writer

I liked being a content writer here at Brainwink. This programme is amazing! learnt a lot from Jaya.

Ira Bhandula,

Content Writer

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Samreen Siddique,

Social Media Manager

As I'm saying my journey in brainwink was very interesting. I got to know so many new things which I hadn't know earlier. This organization taught me various work. I joined this organisation as a brand manager but by the time I learned other skills rather than just marketing. Jaya, the founder and also my Friend is so supportive throughout my journey. She helped me in every situation and I'm thankful to her for providing me this opportunity.

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