Hi I am Jayaa

I believe in the power of words and want to help you and your business ace the organic space with readable, crisp, and relevant content!

For Brands & Small Businesses.

  • I create content with context that connects & converts where it matters.

  • I provide strategic consultations to address your current business/personal brand marketing challenges using the power of social media.

  • If your vision matches mine and my work inspires you, let's get in touch. I'll be happy to help!

For Students.

  • I help students hack their careers with skills to advance faster, overcome their limiting beliefs and confidently create the life they deserve.

  • Join my 30 day skill training-cum-internship program & learn skills like content writing, graphic designing, marketing etc. 

Why you'll love working with me ?

A personal relationship with clients and projects

Your success matters. Understanding your business goals and the environment in which you do business is just the beginning. I work collaboratively with you to develop solutions and approaches that you are comfortable with and develop a relationship built on trust and sound advice.

Shaping the future of your Social Media landscape

Your business can be strong not only now, but for many years to come. The online landscape is constantly evolving. To help ensure your growth in the long-term, I work together to build a model that addresses your current needs while structured to be flexible and adaptable to change. I am a forward-thinker with a strong understanding of business conditions in numerous Social Media platforms

A comprehensive approach to content planning

I am passionate and dedicated to technical excellence. So that you receive a complete and multi-discipline perspective on your content concerns.

Why online presence matters

Whether you are a long-established player or simply testing cross-border opportunities, Online planning matters.

'Content is Kingdom'

If your vision matches mine and my work inspires you, please reach out to me and lets give a boost to your biz using credible content.



Marble Surface
Writing on Tablet




INR 2,000

Marble Surface
Digital social media




INR 2,000

Marble Surface
Mobile Phone




INR 1,500





Notebook and Pen
Above the Clouds

Invitation for

Guest posts

I am excited to announce that we now welcome guest posts for the Brainwink blog! We are looking for highly relevant and useful information to be written for our readers. 

Above the Clouds

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